Monday, May 30, 2016

Why I Wear Skirts

I have recently been following along with a few modest fashion groups on Facebook.  (Modesty for the Modern Mom hosted by Caroline of the Modest Mom Blog, Modest Young Women hosted by Christina of Our Wood Home, and Modern Modesty hosted by Lauren of the blog Modern Modesty.)  I have loved seeing all of the outfits people post, and have gotten inspiration to try pattern mixing, pairing different colors, and creating outfits I might not have thought of on my own. 

Participating in these groups has also had me thinking about skirts.  I wear skirts.  I wear them a lot, enough that my grandfather once told me he "didn't recognize me," because I was wearing slacks!  Unlike many women who participate in these groups however, I do not find wearing skirts and dressing modestly mutually exclusive.   While wearing skirts is definitely a huge part of my modest wardrobe, I do not think it is necessary to wear skirts and modesty is not the primary reason I choose skirts.

So you may find yourself wondering - just why do I wear skirts so much? The short answer - I like wearing skirts.

A Few Reasons Why I Like Wearing Skirts: 

I like that wearing skirts makes me feel feminine.  When I am wearing a skirt I feel ladylike, and I find myself more aware of my attitude and behavior.  When I look like a lady I want to act like a lady!  It reminds me of asking my grandmother why she wore skirts so much when I was a child, she replied "I'll start wearing pants when men start wearing skirts."  I like that a skirt is distinctly "woman." 

I like that skirts make me feel connected to my faith.  In my area the majority of women who wear skirts, at least those who wear them regularly or exclusively and are seen wearing them for "normal" every day activities, are Christian.Though I do not wear skirts out of spiritual conviction, I know that wearing skirts frequently may be perceived as a statement of faith.   I know that in wearing skirts, many people will automatically view me as Christian, and I want to act accordingly!  I want to be sure I am giving Christians a good name, and to make my demeanor and attitude reflect the joy of my faith. 

I like that wearing skirts make me feel strong.  When I am wearing a skirt, I feel connected to the women of yesteryear.  The women for whom wearing skirts was an everyday norm.  I think of the strong women who helped build this country in skirts.  The women who walked the Oregon Trail to new lives.  The women who toiled alongside their husbands on the frontier.  The women who marched for Civil Rights.   When I wear a skirt, I feel like I can do anything!

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