The BIG Journey

Lauren is a young-professional in Western MA ambling her way along the "journey" of life.  She is passionate about people, social justice, helping her community, building connections and the power of media to make positive social change. She is Judeo-Christian, pro-life and a (usually) practicing Catholic. You can find her writing about life and faith at and about writing, social-media, and marketing at

Journey Living:
JourneyLiving is the way I live my life! What some people may call intentional or purpose-driven living, I like to call "journey living."   Life is a journey and heaven is the destination.  I believe we are called to work toward that destination and to enjoy the path along the way!  Check out the goals for my journey, and goals for my path below.

Goals for My Journey
All with the purpose of helping me reach the final destination - Heaven.
(1) To know, love and serve Christ.
(2) To help others know, love and serve Christ.
(3) To recognize Christ in all people and serve them accordingly (Mt. 25:40)
(4) To make a positive difference in the lives of others.
(5) To work everyday to be the best version of myself.

Goals for My Path
Goals which I am working toward now, and hope to accomplish, but which aren't as important as my overall journey. Unlike the goals for my journey, these goals will change as I accomplish them or choose to work on new things.
(1) Career advancement.
(2) To become debt free!