Saturday, November 14, 2015

7 Money Makeover Commitments

I've decided it is time to make my Total Money Makeover a total commitment!  If I want to move myself toward debt-free living I need to make some changes and some new commitments!

Recently I was catching up on
The BudgetingDiaries series over at Our Life On A Budget (one of my favorite blogs)… I am enjoying these series because it not only shows the deals, or the frugal life-hacks, it also allows me to meet people and learn their stories and their lifestyles.   Learning about the "who" behind the "what" and "why" has been a great help in the motivation department! 

7 Ways I Am Committing To My Total Money Makeover!

(1)    Not Sacrificing My Mental Health for My Financial Health
This one has been (and likely will continue to be) a struggle for me.  As I mentioned in my last post, I have been struggling with some issues relating to depression and anxiety.  I have determined that my second job is no longer a good fit for me, and I have taken an indefinite leave of absence.  In the short term this means some back-stepping financially, but I am committed to looking at the big picture, and not allowing myself to feel guilty about what I know was a necessary decision.  I am also committed to not allowing myself to allow the price-tag to keep me away from proper mental health treatment.  

(2)    Simple Christmas
I am committed to not spending money I can’t afford on Christmas.

(3)    Homecooking
I am committed to cooking at home.  To making packed lunches for work.  To skipping the fast-food and the coffee stops.
(4)    Charity
I am committed to supporting charities in accordance with my values and my budget.
I am committed to my Lilla Rose business.  I am committed to working this business to extent allowed by my career and to growing it into a valuable income.

(6)    Order and Organization 
I am committed to growing in order and organization. Neither of these virtues come naturally to me.  I am committed to learning to better order my time and space to best use these resources for my overall financial good. 
(7)    Purging
I am committed to sorting and purging excess goods in a way which will benefit me financially (and help with #6).   This may include bringing books to a used bookstore, donating items to charity, consigning clothing, or selling things online.

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