Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A TMMO Update

So I have discussed a bit about my goal of a Total Money Makeover and the ultimate goal of becoming debt free before - so I thought it was time for a little update for anyone who might be interested! 
Status: The ultimate status is that I am not doing so hot, definitely haven't been in gazelle mode.
The Bad:
* On a plateau - definitely not in gazelle mode
*  Struggling with a food budget - my grocery budget is in check, my penchant for getting fast food on my lunch break or the break between my two jobs is not.
* I quit my second job - not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely affects my abilities to take on the baby steps.
* No snowballing or extra payments
The Good:* I have been cash flowing everything, no additional debts
* I became a consultant with Lilla Rose - hoping to use this to generate some side income which I can apply toward my debt free goal!
*Received a promotion (and pay raise) at work
* Use the time previously spent at my second job to support long-term financial goals.
*Generate side/secondary income.
*Pay off my federal student loans before Thanksgiving 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015


Yes, I disappeared again.  But now.... I'm back!  I would say "I really do plan to blog this time," but umm, been theresaid that. (I really do plan to this time but, no promises!).
So... while I was busy not blogging, what have I been up to?

(1) Working!
I still work a lot.  In the past few months I received a promotion, quit my second job, and became a consultant with Lilla Rose so work pretty much is my life at the moment.
(2) Reading
I am still a big fan of reading, but I still don't do it as often as I used to. 
(3) Planning
In making the decision to give up my second job, I wanted to be careful not to simply spend the extra 20-ish hours a week lounging around my apartment or wasting time.  I decided that despite the income they bring in, the hours spent at my second job simply weren't adding value to my life, so I decided to figure out what I COULD do with that time that would improve my life.  I've decided to focus on a few key areas -
Personal Wellness - Mind, Body and Spirit
Professional Development
(4) "Wellness Hour"
Wellness has been a bit of a struggle for me of late, and I know that all areas of my health, not just physical but also mental and emotional can really use some work.  The biggest thing I've decided is to start implementing a daily "wellness hour."  I am planning to put this into effect as soon as I am down to one job, by dedicating the first hour after I get out of work to doing something to support one or more of the areas of wellness i.e. walking, going to the gym, attending daily Mass etc.
Hmm... and now a few around the web quick takes of things which made me laugh, smile and think in the past few weeks:
(5) God Bless the White & Gray
Sisters' got talent!
(6) Baby Quinoa
I always enjoy reading The Penny Hoarder, to get ideas on how to make and save money and continue (admittedly half-heartedly of late) my frugal lifestyle and TMMO attempts. This post on how to get $10,000 by naming your child Quinoa made me laugh!
(7) This Video
Yes, this is a video about Magic Mike. Yes, it is a PG-rate movie.  Yes, I am aware I just linked up to a Catholic blogger link-up with a post about Magic Mike. Yes, Channing Tatum is handsome.