Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 I was thinking about how I should finnaaalllllyyy update my blog. And it occurred to me that it was Thursday, so I decided to make it a "Thankful Thursday" post.  Maybe I'll return to "real" blogging someday.   I did intend to make this more of a "real' blog than the last one, and to make an effort to really be a writer, and write things worth reading instead of just lists and stories from my life.  Anyway, on a day where I'm feeling a bit off and admittedly not as grateful as I should, here are those things I am thankful for.

(1) Being employed
(2) A job that I enjoy
(3) Health
(4) Spring arriving in 23 days
(5) Time to be thankful
(6) Life
(7) A God who loves and forgives
(8) Friends
(9) Shelter
(10) Family

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