Saturday, February 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes... Slighlty Lame Version

Alright folks, ya'll know the drill.  The 7 Quick Takes is hosted over at with Jennifer (who has returned to hosting after a few weeks of guest hosting by Haley at I have been missing for a few weeks, but  now I'm back and ready with some great QTs... This is definitely going to be a quick set of quick takes!

(1) Praying for my enemies
So for Lent this year I've decided to "pray for my enemies," or as one of my friends (who is also doing this) more accurately referred to it, we are "praying for a different person [we] kind of dislike everyday." I don't exactly have "enemies," but taking the time to pray for the people who annoy me whether it's an old friend who has recently ticked you off, or the "creepy looking obnoxious man in the last pew who says all of the Mass responses incredibly loudly as if trying to prove that he learned the new responses," (yes that is really who I prayed for on Ash Wednesday, and yes praying for him as the "creepy looking obnoxious man" instantly felt awkward and was changed in my prayer) has been a rewarding experience! I recommend. 

(2) Vegetarian Lent 
I've decided to go veggie for Lent.  Unfortunately this was challenged today when I attended a conference which only offered turkey and cheese sammies for lunch, so I did cheat a bit.  But ultimately this has also been rewarding.  I think my friends blog post about her Vegan Fridays during Lent, explains very well some of the reasons why I choose to limit my meat consumption.
(3) "Weird" Lenten Ideas
 Somehow in the world of various internet link-ups I came across this article from Lifeteen on "20 Weird Ideas" of what to give up for Lent.  Overall I thought the list made sense but there was one idea that REALLY bothered me.  The very first idea on the list "don't eat the last bite of your food." Now in theory this sounds like a miniature fast at the end of every meal, but then I thought about it little more.  Over the course of 40 days of Lent,  that is more than 100 bites of food, at an average of 3 meals a day that would be 120 bites of food. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY BITES OF FOOD.  Wasteful much?  Imagine how many hungry people you could feed with 120 bites of food.

(4)  The Biggest Loser and Twitter
The Biggest Loser and Twitter are my new obsessions.  They might sound unrelated but in fact the obsessions fuel one another, primarily because I follow all of last season's contestants on Twitter and love to read their reactions to the show.  According to my twitter profile, my twitter dream is to have Bob Harper reply or retweet me, and I am only half kidding.

(5) Clients!
I am excited that work has finally been getting busy, and I am finally starting to serve lots of clients. It is a great feeling.  Starting a brand new non-profit venture is definitely a big undertaking, and starting to see things come together is quite rewarding.

(6) Diocesan Women's Conference
I have never attended the Diocesan Women's Conference (here in the diocese of Springfield, MA), I have also never heard Fr. James Martin, SJ speak.  But this year I'll check both of those off, because he is the keynote for this year's Catholic women's conference, and I am pretty stoked!  My incredibly limited Jesuit education during two semesters at Creighton and involvement in a Jesuit parish when I lived in SD, led me to an interest in Jesuit spirituality and introduced me to Fr. Martin. I am really excited to hear him, in large part because despite the fact that he is a nationally known and renowned writer he is a virtual unknown here in WMass, and in the conservative Springfield Diocese the Jesuits don't always get as much respect as they deserve (this partially traces back to the decision of Boston College to go against Cardinal O'Malley and allow pro-abortion politicians to receive communion on campus, and thus the negative press for the Jesuits here in New England). Before heading west my opinion of the Jesuits was definitely tainted, and I am excited for Fr. Martin to bring the beautiful Jesuit spirituality here to the Valley!

(7) PCWM
I've always considered myself an amateur (at best) use of social media, but as I continue using it more actively, and utilizing it for professional purposes as well as personal my desire to learn more keeps going.  Hence why I've spent the day at Pod Camp Western MA!  It has been an interesting experience, and I can't wait to go back and read through so many of the resources that were shared today.

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