Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Saturday Lives - or Words from Someone Smarter Than Me

Part of "the journey," is finding people to learn from.  Here are some words from someone smarter than me.  They're a reflection on Holy Saturday, so you might think I'm a little late in posting, but really they're a post on our whole lives.  So I don't think I'm so late after all.

Holy Saturday: Our lives are mostly not Good Friday lives: ones of unbearable pain or unimaginable torture (though some people's lives are). Nor are they Easter Sunday lives: ones unbounded joy and endless delight (though some are). Our daily lives are mainly the experience of Holy Saturday: poised, like the disciples, between fear and hope; balanced between the "already" and the "not yet"; patiently trusting. But in our Holy Saturday lives we know something that the disciples didn't: that resurrections are often just around the corner. - Fr. James Martin, SJ
I think that Fr. Martin makes a great point here - for the most part our lives are caught in the between.  We get to experience both pain and delight, both joy and sorrow.  We live in a world marked by sin, but also marked by mercy and salvation.  We have a chance for Earth, and a chance for Heaven.  The best of both worlds if you will. 

What are your thoughts on Fr. Martin's words? In what ways are our lives balanced?  In what ways are they thrown completely off-kilter? Is your life defined by "patiently trusting," or are you like me, and trust is easier said than done? 

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