Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goal Setting

Any of you who followed my old blog - Little School Near The Prairie - may remember that about a year ago, I set 101 goals that I hoped to meet by May 31, 2011.  That magical date is now a mere three days hence, and I have completed an abysmal 19 of the goals on my list.  Now I know I should be happy to have completed any, but 5% certainly doesn't seem like any type of achievement.

So now comes a new list of goals, Summer 2011 style.  These goals are simple and attainable, and I simply found those things I wanted to achieve instead of creating a magic number and stretching in order to create goals to fill the list.  Seriously run a 5K, WHAT was I thinking?  I've never run more than a mile in life, and the last time I did that was eleventh grade PE.  And I don't have a desire to begin now, really, not even an inkling.

Instead.  Here is the plain and simple 2011 Summer Goals List:
              1.) Be Active
              2.) Spend time with Friends
              3.) Spend time Outdoors
              4.) Be/become crafty and domestic.
              5.) Invest my Spiritual Life.
              6.) Shop Locally.

And of course, I'll be making an effort to blog about all of these.  After all, they're stepping stones on life's journey.

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