Sunday, September 4, 2011

Journey on a Solitary Path

I've been a bad blogger.  Completely neglecting this blog, and I'm sorry to report similarly neglecting my spiritual journey.  I am aiming to rekindle both in the coming months.  To blog regularly, to turn my blog into real writing instead of useless self-blabber like this.  I am also aiming to rekindle my spiritual life, to find myself ignited.  This is certainly a challenge.  I am conflicted at the moment between the Church whose teaching I believe in, and the Fellowship I crave to sustain my spiritual life.  I know I believe in the tenets of my Faith, I know that I could not abandon the Eucharist for a Church where sacraments are only symbols.  I also know that "faith without works is dead," and that I truly need the fellowship and support of fellow believers to help me put the faith and the works together right now.  I am walking the path alone right now, but I'm hoping to soon find some friends to share the path.