Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Girl Who Loves the World, Or Inspired and Intimidated Part Two

Now, I'm sure that proper procedure for writing about someone in your blog is to ask them first.  But I have two posts planned for my "inspired and intimidated" series, and I'll admit, I've not asked the person I'm writing about now, and I probably won't ask the person I intend to write about later.  Both of these young women are active bloggers, and in neither case will I be sharing information they have not made readily available themselves to the world wide web. So why am I writing a post about this young woman today, without asking her first?  Because one of her admirable qualities is humility, and I'm afraid she won't want me to post! (With that said, these posts will not remain up against the will of the people they discuss, and can be removed at their request). 

So, here goes.... the first living person on this list.  The first person I actually know IRL. This is someone I met in college.  I was a sophomore, and she a freshman, when we lived on the same hall.  I moved for second semester, and was surprised to see she had too.  During college I came to admire this young lady for:   her kindness and generosity, the fact that she set big goals for herself, and her faith.  Perhaps the quality that stood out to me most in this person was her ability to overcome obstacles and to continue to shine even when things weren't going so great.

Since college this person has done even bigger things.  Her blog has a following I can't even imagine.  She has impacted the lives of children around the world through her charitable work, and most impressively, she has started this awesome website:

The entire purpose of this website is to help bring love to the world, in the form of a handwritten note.  She aims to write beauty on the hearts of the world, one piece of pretty stationary at a time.  Yes, the second spot on my "inspired and intimidated" list goes to:

Hannah, of

In just a few short years of blogging, this young lady has transformed her page from an ordinary wordpress site to the internet equivalent of a newspaper column, read by thousands.  She has found herself featured on various websites and in the Wall Street Journal.  While I have thought and dreamed of becoming a writer, she has been busy becoming one.  More impressive than her writing however, is the other life goal she has and lives daily: to impact others.  At the end of my life, I know I want to look back and say there are certain things I've accomplished, if I had to boil it down to three I'd probably say:  impacted the world of others, made the world a better placer for as many people as possible, and brought others to Christ.  The difference between Hannah and I though, as that while I've been looking to the future of my life as a time to wok on all  these goals, Hannah has already been hard at work accomplishing hers.

I'll admit it, Hannah, you inspire and intimidate me.

[Disclaimer:  The pictures used in this blog post belong to  If you like them, head over to the more love letters site and commit to writing a love letter to someone this month.]

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