Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Way back in 2009, in my "first" blog if you please, I started what I hoped would become a tradition of spiritual New Year posts at the beginning of each Advent.  It seems I forgot all about it last year, but here I am in 2011, ready to start my New Year in the Church on a positive foot and with some spiritual resolutions if you will for the upcoming year.   Unfortunately, the goals I set back in 2009 were not met in the coming year, in fact, I believe that they still have yet to be completed, but you are still welcome to read that original post if you want to see what I was thinking about during my Advent in South Dakota.

My spiritual goals for this coming Liturgical Year are pretty simple.  And while I hadn't gotten around to making this Advent post quite yet, I have been making an effort to start achieving these goals.  So, my spiritual resolutions for 2012 are:
1.) Make time for prayer.
2.) Appreciate blessings.
3.) Make God my priority.
4.) Read the Bible.
5.) Share Christ with others. 

What are your hopes this Advent and this year?  What are you doing to help re-welcome the Saviour into our world, and into your heart?

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  1. Those are all worthwhile spiritual resolutions. Just think...if we all tried to make these 5 spiritual resolutions on a daily basis, what impact would we make? I'm definitely going to try to focus on these areas more often...Blessings to you in the New Year!