Friday, December 30, 2011

Seven Quick Takes - Volume One

So, after reading Jennifer Fulwiler's Conversion Diary for probably close to a year, I have decided to finally start participating in her 7 Quick Takes Fridays.  Basically, it's a link-up from her blog, where you post seven "quick things" about what's been going on in your life.  So here goes, my very first, seven quick takes.... "All About Blogging"

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 158)

1.) Quick Takes Theme - All About BloggingI am not sure why I decided my quick takes needed a theme.  Some people use themes.  Some don't.  I seem to enjoy both, but I always like the ones where people come up with seven different things/thoughts on the same topic, such as Seven Examples of Christmas Symbolism or Seven Observations About Wearing Skirts . I also thought the thematic approach might make my first attempt a bit easier.

2.) Expecting Failure
As many times as I've said "I want to start really blogging," or want to "keep my blog to gain a following," or whatever, I never seem to actually do it.  I'm not sure I actually expect success.  Not even sure I'll be back again next week for a Seven Quick Takes - Volume Two.

3.) Ulterior Motives
Aside from the fact that I probably didn't spell ulterior correctly, I still must admit to some ulterior motives in posting this.  It seemed like an easy way to increase my blog readership.

4.) Ulterior But Not Entirely Off-Mark
That said, I'm only admitting to some ulterior motives. I do really enjoy the 7 Quick Takes! I spend probably far more of my time blog-hopping off of them, than I should.  I like that it helps introduce me to new blogs, that I otherwise might not find. 

5.) Femininity, Domesticity, Creativity and Blogging
These things all seem to tie together for me.  I enjoy blogging. I enjoy reading blogs. I enjoy reading blogs about feminity, domesticity, and creativity.  I am trying to embrace my feminity, become more domestic, and become more creative and crafty!  The last one is my main focus on the moment.  I think I'm already somewhat creative, but now I'm trying to hone the skills which will let me use that creativity. Hopefully these blogs will help me out, and you'll see a 7 Quick Takes of Creative Projects sometime in the future!

6.) The Only Thing I Learned in Science Was Osmosis
Sometime after begging for a Fisher Price microscope set as a kid, I stopped enjoying science.  I still like nature, and the outdoors, and appreciating science, but overall it's not my forte.  The one thing I've taken from science? Osmosis, defined as the movement of solvent molecules through a permeable membrane.  I try to recreate osmosis in my life on a regular basis.  For example, I try to become healthy by reading Self magazine, or become more inclined to cook by watching too much Food Network. Now I am trying to become more creative and domestic by reading blogs.  Obviously, this isn't quite working.  But the fact that I included "obviously" in this sentence means I'm better with science than I thought!

7.) Happy New Year I am out of blogging related updates.  So, Happy New Year.

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  1. Lauren, thanks for your comment on my first Quick Takes! I am enjoying looking around your blog and appreciated #5 of this post. I think that "Femininity, Domesticity, Creativity and Blogging" really do go together well. I hope that you will continue to participate in Quick Takes, I look forward to reading your posts on creative projects!