Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about isolation, Chardonnaydo, and the creepiness of Furbies (vol. 232)

I am linking up over at Jen's 7 Quick Takes.  Two weeks in a row might be a new record for me!  I have to say I'm kind of excited I managed to get my link in at spot #46, definitely better than last week's #92.  I would have been even earlier, but something was wrong with my internet connection.  I'm not the only one who gets excited about these things? Right?

(1) I'm Live!
That "new" writing home I talked about last week, is fully live.  Granted I don't know how to create a wordpress site and then not have it live, so it never wasn't, but I have started working on it and officially posting the link and sharing it.  So it is fully live.  Check it out
(2) New Blog Post Format?
Is anyone else finding a new blog post format here in Blogger?  Or have I just been out of the blogosphere long enough that it happened awhile ago, and I just missed the change?
(3) New Laptop, Windows 8
So I made a great purchase, of a new Toshiba Windows 8 laptop.  If you've lived on the VISTA stipend, you know the fact that I purchased this within weeks of ending my service is a big deal!  I found an amazing deal on a laptop for less than $250!
(4) Spellcheck
I have to say the total integration of spellcheck into the internet, apps etc. is a great feature of Windows8.  Did you know that "blogosphere" is a real live word? It didn't get picked up by spell check.  For some reason this makes me really happy!
(5) Not enough hours in the day...
I have to say when I go blog hopping, and see everything that some of the bloggers manage to get done in an average day, week etc. it sometimes amazes me.  Even without children, my own home etc. I still feel like there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes - hence I have a backseat full of cans waiting to be redeemed, an incredibly messy room, and dishes sitting in the sink...
(6) And yet, more than enough hours in the week...
I have been quickly learning that in the human services world, there is always enough hours for someone willing to work.  I am on about my 4th consecutive week of working overtime.  I was thinking yesterday "wow, I didn't really work that much this week," then I calculated my hours, and realized that including what is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, I'm at 57 hours...
(7) Fall
Fall. I still love it.  Fall is definitely my favorite season.  I love "fall things."  So far the "fall things" I've done are - pumpkin latte & pumpkin donut from Dunkin, salted caramel mocha at Starbucks (not really fall, but it is a seasonal drink..), made chicken chili soup in the crock pot, and - WENT TO THE BIG E!!! For the uninitiated the Big E, is the Eastern States Exposition, it is located in Western MA and serves as the state fair for all of New England.  All 6 states are present at the fair, and the fair ranks as one of the largest state fairs in the nation. 

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