Sunday, November 24, 2013

Life Happens Again... 7 Quick Takes

It seems like "life happens" is simply the theme of my Quick Takes lately.  At least a three week hiatus is better than that 17 month one I took before I "re-started" blogging last month, right? I'm a little late to the party once again, but still linking up over at Jen's blog!
(1) How do the Mamas do it?
I have to admit that my foray into blogging, and my frequent perusing of link-ups from Conversion Diary and the Modest Mom Blog often leave me in awe of the fact that these women find the TIME to blog?  Seriously so many of these women are not only mothers but mothers of large families, homeschooling mothers, writers etc. and many of them have jobs outside of the home as well.  Seriously, how do ya'll find the time to add blogging to the list?
(2) Banking
I am still enjoying banking, and still not quite sure if this will be a detour or a new path - either way I am happy for the chance to do something new and enjoy it.

(3) Hypocrisy
I have to admit sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, teaching Jr. High Religious Ed yet coming to the realization that I missed Sunday mass more times than I care to count in the last year, and haven't been to Confession since I went out at Notre Dame in July/August...

(4) Encountering Sin
I am guessing (or is it hoping?) that the reason I feel like such a hypocrite and sinner so much lately, is not in as much that I am sinning more but in that I have been attending our Alpha Follow-Up Adult Ed program and making a conscious effort with my prayer life and JourneyLiving goals.  I definitely believe in the Franciscan philosophy that as we grow closer to God, we also become more aware of our sin.  After all nothing scares the devil more than to see Christians in love with Christ, and if it is happening he will definitely try to make us aware of our shortcomings.

(5) Satan Trembles When He Sees...
Does anybody else know the hymn "Satan Trembles When He Sees the Weakest Christian On His Knees..."?  I'm not sure if that is the title but it is definitely one of the resounding lines from the song.  I believe it is mainly a Methodist/Protestant hymn, but we sang it in prayer at Alpha/Alpha Follow-Up once. I tried googling it for a video or lyrics and had no luck.  If you have either please let me know - I like this hymn!

(6) Christ the King and Advent!
For some reason I was a week behind liturgically and was expecting this week to be the last week in Ordinary Time as oppososed to the Feast of Christ the King and the last week in the liturgical year.  (I think on account of Thanksgiving being so late, I always expect Advent to start two weeks after Turkey Day instead of one).  I was pretty excited when I realized Advent starts next week though! It is my favorite liturgical season, and since 2009 I have been enjoying the tradition of  celebrating the Church New Year by setting spiritual resolutions.  I will definitely be spending the next week thinking and praying about what my spiritual resolutions are for Anno Domini 2014.  Will you join me?

(7) Mass With Others
One of my favorite things about the Church is community and our opportunity to celebrate Christ with others every Mass.  I have a part-time job doing direct care with individuals with developmental disabilities, and the past few weeks I have been taking one of the ladies I work with to Mass at her Church.  The first time I brought her she excitedly asked me after Church, "Lauren are you Catholic?"  I answered yes, and she said "No wonder you knew when to stand up and sit down!"  I'm guessing some of the staff who've brought her in the past were a bit clueless, but I am enjoying the experience of attending Mass with someone else and the opportunity to share our faith together.

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