Saturday, March 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Videos, Lenten Quinoa, and Other Favorites

Once again, life has been happening and blogging hasn't. C'est la vie.  I haven't been too busy to blog or any such, just haven't been writing (here or elsewhere).  But spring is a new season, and why not use this as a time to start up again? 
(1) This video.
I love this video.  Seriously. I. LOVE. this video.  I don't even have any strong personal connection to anyoen with Downs Syndrome (besides kids i worked with at camp, or individuals i work with now in my part time job). But I still love this video.  Must be a prolife thing :)
(2) Also This Video
My boyfriends brother is competing on The Voice, and of course he would love more views for his blind audition!  Social media is HUGE on this show, and the bigger following he gets the better.  Please check out his video, and share it with other music fans.

(3) Me.
Yes, one of my links is a shameless cross-sell to my other blog.  Starting April 1st, please visit L.B. Writes every Tuesday for my "Ten For Tuesdays" series where I will be sharing social media and marketing tips.  Learn about my passion for using social media for social good.
Anyone who knows me knows that I like bargain hunting and love thrifting! (I mean c'mon I managed a thrift store for a year!) Recently I have also come to love thredUP!   I had heard about it all throughout the web, but when Caroline over at the Modest Mom Blog posted a $15 first time shoppers credit I knew it was finally time to buy something!  For just a few dollars of shipping and handling I got a scarf, an Old Navy t-shirt, and a pair of red pants that retailed for over $80! And everything but the scarf still had original tags!  Score!
If you haven't shopped on thredUP yet you are missing out! Head over to their site today for great deals on both kid and adult clothes, and a $10 shopping credit on me.
(5) Vegangela Quinoa
So my dad is changing up his diet, and after reading WheatBelly that means limiting the carbs and losing the wheat.  Which of course means, I'm looking for new recipes to cook!  My google browsing brought me to, Vegangela a (you guessed it) vegan website, where I found this delicious and incredibly easy quinoa recipe! I have made it twice and enjoyed it both times.  Since we're not vegan, I put a dollop of sour cream and some cheese on top of the servings making it extra delicious.  Also worth noting - if you're like me and have a limited spice cabinet (read: garlic, Adobo, and some Mrs. Dash) improvising won't hurt this recipe! In fact the second time I made it I just used southwest seasoned diced tomatoes, added garlic powder and called it even. Still delicious.

(6) The Full Time Girl
I discovered this blog within the last couple of months, and I just love it.  We do have some differences theologically, but this girl is full of faith and just packs so much Truth into her posts! 
So far I think this great post on modesty, "5 Things Modesty Never Taught Me" is my favorite.  Like I said - so.much.Truth.
(7) St. Patrick's Day
Yes, I know it was on Monday but I'm from Western MA. We are all about parade weekend here, and for us that means this weekend!  I'm not Irish.  I'm not a big drinker.  And yet I look forward to this every year.  7,000 runners.  500,000 parade spectators.  Bands. Colleen floats.  Shamrocks in the street.  I love it.

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