Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alphabet About Me

Alphabet About Me

Since I know that the A-to-Z blogging challenge will be bringing a lot of new people over to my neck of the woods, I wanted to introduce myself quickly.  Yes, I already have an about me page – but I thought ya’ll might want a little more information and a little more creativity.

In short I am a twenty-something New Englander who loves to read and write.  I love people, but sometimes they frustrate me more easily than they should.  I am a usually practicing, but lately lapsed, Catholic.  I write about life, faith and all that comes with it here at JourneyLiving, and I also manage L.B.Writes which is all about writing, marketing, and social media for small busineses and non-profits.

 Still want to know more – here is a quick all about me from A to Z:

A – Americorps – I spent two years serving as an Americorps VISTA.

B – Banking – My day job is the banking industry.

C – Catholic – I am Catholic.

D –Dunes Beach – The Dunes’ Beach in Westerly, RI is my favorite place.

E – Exhausted – This is the last letter I am filling in on this list, now I’m exhausted.

F – Forty – this is my fortieth blog post at JourneyLiving.

G – Grocery shopping – It’s kind of weird, but going grocery shopping is my stress reliever.

H – Hounds – I am a proud Assumption College alumna.  Go Hounds!

I – Icecream – I love ice cream.  It could be another food group in my mind.  My favorite is anything coffee based. Yum!

J – Jokes – I am a terrible joke teller, but I still enjoy when other people tell them (even if they’re super cheesy).

K – Klutz – I am definitely a bit of a klutz.  

L – Little Princess –Frances Hogsdon Burnett’s A Little Princess was my favorite childhood book

M – Mexico – My first international travels.  I have been to Mexico several times, and fell in love with the people and the culture.  A part of my heart got left behind in the mountains of Mexico during a college service trip.

N – New Englander – I am definitely a New Englander through and through, and it is my strongest “cultural identity.”

O – Opinionated – I’m humble enough to admit, I am definitely opinionated. And stubborn.

P –Pro-Life – I am pro-life --- anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia, anti-death penalty.

Q – Questions – I am always asking and trying to answer questions.  Mine and other peoples.  I have been told I should start a service called “Look It Up Lauren” because I look for the answers to other peoples questions even before they do!

R – Rushmore I once celebrated Easter with a sunrise service on Mt. Rushmore

S – Social Teaching – I love Catholic Social Teaching. 

T – Travel – I love to travel, but haven’t gotten to do much of it for a few years. My favorite part is experiencing the culture and meeting new people.  I am definitely not a resort vacationer!

U – Umbrellas – I think umbrellas are cute, but I never have one with me ever.

V – Virtues – I pray for the virtues of purity, honesty, obedience, and perseverance regularly.

W – Writing – I love both writing and reading, and wish I had more time for both!

X – Xylophones – Are a great X word that have nothing to do with me. Oops.

Y – Young – I am young, but sometimes I need to remind myself of that!

Z – Za – I like pizza. Almost as much as ice cream.

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  1. What a fun way to start of the A to Z challenge!