Sunday, November 16, 2014

Catching Up and My TMMO

Once again I am here "catching up," I guess the question is how many times can I start a post with "so long, no blog" or something similar.  Anyways, hopefully I am back here for more frequent blogging but given my track record I make no promises!
My life has been heading all sorts of directions lately, and unfortunately many of those directions have led me away from God.  Yes I still believe life is a journey.  Yes the goals I have set for my Journey are still important.  But I was ignoring them for awhile, and even now my approach to them is a bit different.  I am back to praying regularly, but I can't say the same for regular Church attendance.  I cannot say I have been doing much to model Christ-like living for others so I suppose both goals 1 and 2 need some major work.  Goal 3, being able to see Christ in others and treat them accordingly, is almost second-nature to me though I suppose lately I have been treating people well more from a humanistic approach than a truly Christ-centered one.  Goals 4 and 5 are both much less religious in nature, and I suppose I can say I have been doing very well at 4, making a positive difference in the lives of others, and not quite as well on 5, which is to work everyday at being the best version of myself.  I definitely want to be the best me possible, but lately there has been a lot of room for more work!  So friends, whether I continue with more frequent blogging or not, I would love to be in your prayers!
As you may have seen in the pages I am now working on a Total Money Makeover to help me with the big goal of becoming debt free!  This is a major focus of my journey right now, one I am very excited about and plan to blog more about!  The other big change in my journey is that I am preparing to move into my own apartment.  After living back home with my folks for almost five years after college/graduate school I am excited to leave the nest again.  That means you can also expect some fun posts about setting up house and all things domestic.  While I did live in the dorms and an apartment in college, and in a rental house with roommates during my graduate program this is my first time really being "out on my own" and I am both excited and nervous about the prospect!  Pretty grateful to all the family members offering me extra dishes, lamps, tag sale items etc. to help me move on a budget.

 I am curious if any other bloggers/readers are working on or have completed a TMMO of their own?  Did you make any big changes like a move or have a big change in expenses during your Makeover? Do you have any tips to share! 


  1. Hi, my name is Rebecca, I am single and I am from Germany. I have discovered Dave Ramsey a few years ago and am debt free since last November. Since then my life has changed dramatically, I have quit a job I was no longer happy with, took a part time job for a while, am currently working again full time as an admin temp and am persuing a freelancing career as a life coach. 2015 will be dedicated to building my own business. I am still consuming the Ramsey resources on a regular basis, since it is easy to fall back into your old ways. This is a lifelong task, you need to have a budget and good overview over your finances for ever.

    What I am very thankful for is that my mindset has changed so deeply. I take more resonsibility for myself and my career, I no longer look to a job as the holy grail of financial well being, it is a tool only. If you want to have full control you need to start your own business. Dave has encouraged me to find out what I am good and and to pursue it. He teaches entrepreneurship in addition to financial wellness. Being debt free has increased my personal freedom and I am now free to explore what I truly want from life. A part time job would not have been possible if I have had debts. If you get out of the treadmill for a while it helps you to gain clarity for your life.

    I want to encourage you to make getting out of debts a priority in your life.

  2. This is awesome Rebecca! I am so glad this is working well for you, I hope you will stop by again, I would love to hear updates about how your new career is going :) And you are so, so right about this being a lifelong process. Sometimes I wish it wasn't, but we can't get the big results without the hard work I suppose!