Saturday, December 6, 2014

7 Quick, Quick Takes

I don't even know the last time I participated in seven quick takes!  I have still been there as a reader on occasion, but I've been very much out of the blog circuit lately.  C'est la vie....
Here's What I've Been Up To Instead ---
(1) Working
I work. A lot.  So do all of you.  It's not all too interesting.
(2) Dating
I have a boyfriend.  I like him.  Sometimes we go on dates.  Sometimes we both work 60+ hour weeks and there are no dates. Sometimes we fight.  I love him.
(3) Budgeting
I am working on a Total Money Makeover ala Dave Ramsey.  It is part of the reason I'm back to blogging - it's a cheap hobby, and has the potential for side income.

(4) Shopping
I like to shop.  Yes I know I am on a budget.  Hence why I am all about thrift stores and thredUP!  Is anyone else digging thredUP's cute "GiftUP" section as much as me?
(P.S.  If you're not already a thredUP user here is a link, to get $10 off your first purchase!)

(5) SellingPart of my job involves sales.  I thought I would dislike that part.  It is actually my favorite part! And I am pretty good at it.  Like more than 150% to my goal good at it.

(6) Moving
I moved.  This is my first "on my own" big girl apartment. It was a bit overdue. 

(7) Forgetting
Moving has been humorous when I do things like go to cook and forget that I have no silverware.  On the plus side, I can scramble an egg with a spoon.  (Literally I had a spoon. One spoon.)
(7b) Decorating
That first "big girl" apartment means I get to decorate.  It is fun!  Me and my $5 thrift store budget managed to get several decorations :)

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