Friday, April 3, 2015

Budgets, Bagels and Blogs

I am still a day short and getting posts for A, B and likely C all up today!  I was a little late to the party this year so I never got hooked in to the Linky List but I am having fun with this anyway.

What are some of my favorite B things?
Budgets, Bagels and Blogs

I have been slacking in the budget world the past few months, but I plan to get back on track because I have to say I love the freedom that comes with having a budget!  I love the guilt free spending of stopping for an iced coffee and knowing I can afford it, or being able to make an extra payment on my student loans :) 
Some of my favorite tools/websites for budgets are:
This one doesn't really fit in with the trend of links that are going on with my other two Bs, but I still enjoy bagels.  Specifically I love French Toast Bagels with Maple Cream Cheese from a little café near where I work!  If you are from Western MA it is definitely worth popping into Holyoke for a visit to the Dam Café.

Since one of my goals in the AtoZ challenge is to build and participate in community, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite blogs.  It is an eclectic list, but these (in no special order) are the blogs I find myself visiting most frequently.

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