Thursday, April 9, 2015

Get Off The Treadmill

This isn't a post about exercise.  In fact, if you're at the gym - get back on the treadmill.  I repeat, get back on the treadmill!

But what if you aren't on a literal treadmill?  What if - like me - you're on a figurative treadmill? 

What if you find yourself going nowhere fast?  What if you're not going "nowhere" but you aren't really going "somewhere" either?

What if you want to be great, but you find yourself stuck at good?

What if you just find yourself stuck?  In your career, in your personal life, in your health, your relationships, your faith? 

Well, then maybe you're just like me.  Ready to get off the treadmill.  Ready to move. Really move.  Move forward. 

After all - the hare didn't win the race.  Are you better off building speed and running full throttle on a treadmill?  Or are you better off slowing down a bit in order to get off the treadmill and start running (or maybe just jogging) down the road?

Interested in seeing just HOW I plan to get off the treadmill? - Check out my follow up post, Just Kick It In Gear.

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  1. Amen! Slowing down is what I need. You are wise to see it can be different for us...some need to slow and others need to be more intentional. I need fast pace keeps me from intentionally "seeing" those around me. Thank you for this! I'm your neighbor at SDG.

    1. Well hello neighbor! Yes, I think our rush to get moving sometimes we move so fast that we lose direction entirely. Especially those of women who like to multi-task :)

  2. I've been in a slowing down mode. It's been incredibly beneficial for me to realize what I'm really running for!

    1. Yes I hear ya. I have been in speed up mode, and I am trying to still continue at the same pace but with more intention and direction