Monday, September 21, 2015

What Is Your Rice and Beans?

If you are a fan of Dave Ramsey, and know what it means to "live like no one else so later you can live like no one else," I am certain you know the significance of rice and beans!
Dave talks about being in gazelle mode, cutting all expenses to the minimum.  Cutting your grocery budget down to rice and beans, beans and rice, rice and beans.
I am trying to get there.  I quickly realized that a $50/month grocery budget was very unrealistic.  I created a meal plan which could feed me for around that much money (I believe it consisted of pasta, canned tomatoes and eggs). But I was hungry, cranky, and craving other foods.
But it is time to cut back and so I needed to find a few "rice and beans" meals.  What are things I can eat cheap, cheap, cheap so that some of my grocery money can become debt busting money instead!  What can I eat beyond just rice and beans without breaking the bank.
Rice-And-Beans Budget Meal Ideas:
(1) Rice and beans
Can't overlook the classic!
(2) Pasta with tomatoes
I just use canned tomatoes in place of sauce.
(3) Leftover Soup
Make a soup using all the leftover veggies, scraps etc. you have from past meals.
(4) Canned Soup
Sometimes even canned soup can get pricey, watch for sales!  I was able to get 12 cans of the Campbell's Homestyle soups for $11 this week at Stop and Shop.  Perfect for work lunches.
(4) Eggs
So many quick, easy and inexpensive ways to eat eggs.  Scrambled, French toast, omelet, frittata, fried egg, egg sandwich....  Scrambled eggs with veggies is a very satisfying meal.

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  1. Great tips!! I've been trying to make sure we eat leftovers instead of letting them go bad in the back of the fridge. It sounds ridiculous to admit that's a step for me (rather than a given), but it is. Thanks for sharing with us at Works for Me Wednesday!

    1. It is a step for me too, I totally understand! Living alone makes leftovers a challenge. I like making a pot of something at the beginning of the week, but sometimes I am SO sick of it by Wednesday or Thursday. I like making things that can be re-made so the bean/veggie soup I made this week can also get served over rice, or even mixed into scrambled eggs (minus the liquid - it sounds weird, but its good!). And thanks for hosting! I am becoming a big fan of WFMW!