Saturday, September 26, 2015

7 Smiles

Pope Francis has taken over my internet! When you attended a Catholic college, have friends working at Catholic schools and universities, an follow Catholic bloggers... I guess you should just be prepared for everyone to head to Philadelphia and see the Pope.  Since I am not speaking at the World Meeting of Families, attending Mass in Madison Square Garden or anything else equally motivating - I thought that for my seven quick takes I would share some fun (mostly non-Pope related) links from throughout the interwebs to make you smile. So here you are... 7 quick smiles :)
Because, Buddy the Elf was right - "smiling is my favorite."
(1) This post I found via New Wave Feminists

How cute is that baby?!
 (2) These awesome Halloween costumes - and the Dad who created an entire company dedicated to building even more of them!

(3) Pope Francis stopping his car, to greet a child with cerebral palsy in Philadelphia (c'mon I said mostly not about the Pope).

(4) The excitement of these children who got to greet Pope Francis upon his arrival to Harlem! 
 I love their attitude and the facts they share about him - his love of soccer, stamp collecting etc.  (Having trouble posting the video, but watch it!!)

(5) The dedication of a local school in memory of a recent military hero.
So often we see schools named for heroes from generations past, this school was named for a recent hero.  A man who died less than 6 years ago after sustaining injuries in Afghanistan, and whose parents and family members were able to attend the dedication.

(7) PYO 
 Number 7 is pick your own smiles :)  This is for the little thing that made you smile throughout the week... I am probably missing some but there were many more things from the internet world that made me smile this week - the newly announced flexi styles from Lilla Rose, the viral video of a little girl demanding her newly-divorced parents stay friends, lots of great pictures from friends attending weddings, and last (but totally not least) this awesome apple butter recipe I plan to try next week!

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