Monday, January 4, 2016

Was 2015 a #yearofgratefulness

I started off 2015 with a New Year's Theme instead of a resolution.  For those who weren't following along back in January, my theme was gratefulness.   I decided to "invent" the hashtag #yearofgratefulness... I don't think it worked.  I suppose you have to be a major figure like Pope Francis before you can declare the year of anything and have other people listen.

I guess the real question, is did I listen?  Did I live a year of gratefulnes?

Well I think I did.


Yes.  I tried to be thankful for the small things.  For the moments with friends and families.  The leftovers they sent me home with.  Having a job, health insurance. and a roof over my head.   Being able to pay my bills.  A car, and only a small number of car problems.  A promotion at work.  Coworkers who I enjoy working with.  Chocolate.

Yes, this has been a year filled with a lot of gratitude.  It has also been a year filled with a lot of angst.  A lot of anxiety.  A lot of moments when I wished for more responsibility and opportunity, instead of being grateful for what was in front of me.  A lot of moments of insecurity and jealousy as I watched people around me celebrate engagements, births, marriages and other milestones, while I just plodded along.

There were moments when gratefulness was a lot harder than I expected.  My #yearofgratefulness reminded me to be grateful anyway.  To be grateful when its hard.  Sounds like success to me. 

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